Property Types include:

Business and Estate Valuation

Trust Herrera & Associates for cost effective Business Valuation and Estate Valuation Services.

One Estate - One Appraisal Firm - One Contract: No Matter How Complex the Estate

  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Business Valuation
  • Partial & Fractional Interest Valuation

How many appraisal firms might you normally contract with to handle one estate? Herrera & Associates can not only save you money, but also save you valuable time!

Note Our Diverse Experience Base in These Special Services:

  • Over 150 partial and fractional interest valuations – Over 40 categories of businesses
  • Every major category of real estate property appraised

Fiduciaries and Other Custodians Of Assets:

We understand that as a fiduciary you constantly strive to make best use of your client's funds. However, many people do not realize that there are only a few extremely complex and controversial situations that justify the cost, special resources and high profile experts of a national firm. Also, the use of a national firm inherently includes the following built-in expenses:

  • Prime class A offices (vs. more cost effective locations)
  • All inclusive library of periodicals and data (vs. information as required by the job)
  • Lodging & seminars at first class hotels
  • Multiple layers of management and high profile marketing budget

Choose Herrera & Associates for best use of your client's funds when it comes to Business and Estate Valuation services.

Complex Estate Valuations Services We Offer:

  • Real Estate: Resort & Luxury Hotels, & Fast Food Restaurants, Bank, Strip Center, Drug Store, Vacant Residential Land. Interests in Real Estate: Leased Fee, Ground Lease Leased Fee.
  • Business Valuation: Fine Dining Restaurant, (2) Restaurant and Bar in Luxury Hotel in a leased restaurant facility.
  • Partial and Fractional Interests: Undivided Interests, S Corporation Stock, Limited Partnership Interests (both limited partner and general partner’s interests).